Dear Clients & Students,

      Through Professional Instruction, Guidance, & Unmatched Services, The New Computer Center Has Proved Over The Past Twenty Years a history of excellence & expertise In The Advancement Of Information Technology, Computer Training Courses, Foreign Languages, Computer Sales, Maintenance & Troubleshooting.

Why study at NCC?

  • We Seek To Uphold & Develop Businesses, Schools, Employees & Students Through The Integration of Technology & Adequate Training Techniques.
  • NCC Qualifies Students With Knowledge, Skills, Training, & Experience.
  • NCC Focuses On The Developmental Techniques & Pragmatic Mechanisms Needed For Sustaining The Entire Academic & Professional Objectives Of Students.
  • NCC Guarantees Its Clients The Promising Future They Deserve, Hence; Putting Our Integrated Learning Tools At Your Disposal For Obtaining The Ultimate Success You Want To Achieve.


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