20-20 3D Kitchen Design


Course Objective:

This course sets up ‘T’ walls and complex kitchens with ease, customize countertops and kicks, and configure stylish lighting, all with accurate reports and quotes. It creates stunning presentations with photo-realistic renderings that will wow your customers. The hands-on environment and opportunities to use real-life projects give you the edge in state-of-the-art kitchen design.


· Anyone interested in designing kitchens.

· Anyone who is looking for increasing his sales.

Course Outline:

· Exploring the Main Screen Components

· Configuring the Floor Plan/Elevation Area

· Working with the Bill of Materials

· Working with the Drag & Drop List

· Using the Assistants

· Managing Files

· Editing a Design

· Changing the Viewing Options

· Placing Items

· Assigning Sales Project Information and Producing Reports

· Changing Design Attributes

· Working with Notes

· Working with Dimensions

· Producing Renderings

· Assigning Preferences

· Configuring the Screen Windows

· Editing Walls/Construction Lines

· Editing Items on a Design

· Editing Dimensions

· Editing Notes and Lines

· Keys Available



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