Course Objectives:


This course is designed to give students an introduction to the basic principles of financial accounting. This includes accounting principles and practices, accounting systems for recording business transactions, an overview of the accounting cycles for service and merchandising enterprises, the matching concept, periodic and perpetual inventory systems, basic financial statements and cash.


This course requires a basic understanding of computers, such as basic mouse and keyboard operations, point and clicks, double-click operations.


People of interest in the field of finance, economy, and accounting.

What you will learn:

· Preparing a computerized chart of account using accounting programs, such as:
Dolphin, EDM, and others.

· Registration accounting entries.

· Registration VAT entries.

· Preparing and Printing General Ledger.

· Printing statement of accounts.

· Accounts Payable.

· Accounts Receivable.

· The Statement of Cash Flows.

· Closing year-end.

· Preparing Trail Balance, Balance sheet and Income Statement.

· Financial Statement Analysis Techniques.

· Accounting Concepts

· Financial Statements

· Analyzing and Classifying Transactions

· Recording Transactions

· Adjusting and Closing Procedures

· Summarizing and Reporting Via the Service Business Work Sheet

· Summarizing and Reporting Via the Merchandizing Business Work Sheet

· Costing Merchandise Inventory

· Alternative Inventory Valuation Methods

· Repetitive Transactions

· Capital and Equity

· Receivables and Payables

· Cash and Control

· Payroll

· Property, Plant and Equipment: Depreciation

· Property, Plant and Equipment: Disposal and Taxation




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