Adobe Director

Who should attend this adobe Director training course?

The Adobe Director course is an introduction aimed at those who are developing creative multimedia tools.

What are the benefits of attending this Adobe Director training Course?

This Adobe Director course contains features of the application, and will guide you through the creation of a real-world project. By doing so, you will be introduced to the working environment, many of Adobe Director's powerful tools, and the design techniques and methods that will enable you to quickly create a professional Adobe Director movie. You will also be introduced to Lingo, understand the basics and write Lingo code to control your navigation.

Course Outline
Principles and basics

· Menu, keyboard and palette controls

· Working with a document

· Customizing application preferences and tool settings

· Working with panels and organizing the workspace

· Creating basic elements, selecting and moving objects, applying fills and strokes

· Arranging and grouping elements; using views, rulers, grids and guides

· Rotating and mirroring objects

Combining text and graphics

· Using the Blend command

· Using colours and tints

· Cloning, scaling and positioning elements

· Placing, styling and transforming type

Working with paths and points

· Manipulating shapes and paths

· Using a tracing template

· Using control handles on curves

· Gradient filled text

Using layers and styles

· Importing a tracing pattern

· Background, foreground and other Layers

· Curved paths, path operations, adding objects to the clipping path

· Defining and applying object styles

· Picture frames and Layer panels

Multipage documents

· The Edit Guides command

· Using PANTONE and process colours

· Duplicating pages; importing text and linking text blocks; paragraph styles

· Using the Text Editor; importing images and using text wrap

· Adding colours from imported bitmaps

· Printing and collecting for output

More complex artwork

· 3D images and transparency effects

· Blending and creating reflections

· Composite paths

· The Graphic hose tool

· Working with FreeHand’s Xtras e.g. the Envelope Xtra

· Applying lens fills

Blending and shading

· Creating blends; pasting blends inside paths for 3D shading effects

· Shades on spheres and cylinders using radial fills

· Creating realistic shadows

· The finished document; tips and techniques; customizing toolbar

Designing for the Web

· Web browsers and Shockwave plug-ins

· GIF, JPEG and other file formats

· Animated Flash graphics

· The Insta.html Xtra

· Viewing web pages in a browser

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