Adobe DreamWeaver - Creating Web Databases


Who should attend this Adobe Dreamweaver training course?

This Adobe Dreamweaver course is intended for the intermediate Adobe Dreamweaver user with an understanding of HTML and CSS who wants to learn how to design and build web databases using Adobe Dreamweaver.

What are the benefits of attending this Adobe Dreamweaver course?

This adobe dreamweaver course uses the excellent Adobe Dreamweaver tools to do all the coding necessary to design and build a web database. The course will take you through the basics of the code so you will know what it looks like and how not to break it, including adding dynamic data and building a results list.

Course Outline:
Getting Started

· Setting up your Application Server

· Setting up your Database Drivers

· Defining the Site

Setting Up Database Connectivity

· Database Connectivity

· Adding a Recordset to a Page

· Some SQL basics

Adding Dynamic Data

· Making Text Dynamic

· Using Live Data View

· Making Images Dynamic

· Making Form Objects Dynamic

· Binding Form Text Fields

· Binding Menus and Lists

· Formatting Bound Data

Building a Result List

· Starting the Results List Page

· Making Sections of the Page Repeat

· Adding Navigation Buttons

· Binding Record Indexes

· Linking from a Result List to a Detail Page

Building an Insert Page

· Starting the Insert Page

· Using Input Fields

· Using Radio Buttons

· Using Select Lists

· Using a Hidden Form Field

· Inserting the New Record

Building An Update Page

· Creating an Update Form

· Completing Input Fields

Using SQL Variables To Apply Search Criteria

· Building a Simple Search Page

· Defining SQL Variables

· Two-Dimensional Searching

· Using Static Options and Wild Cards to Improve Search Functions

Adding Server Objects to a Page

· About Server Objects

· The Request and Form Objects

· Providing security with login

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