Adobe DreamWeaver - Introduction


In this course, students will describe the basic functions and features of website development using Dreamweaver.


This course requires a basic understanding of computers, such as using pointer and input devices. No previous knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver is required, but familiarity with Mac or Windows operating system is recommended.


This course is intended for the web developers and designers who are familiar with Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems. Who should attend the Adobe Dreamweaver training course? This Adobe Dreamweaver training course is suitable for those about to use Adobe Dreamweaver for creating and managing web pages. Familiarity with the operating system and keyboard is a course prerequisite.

What are the benefits of attending the Adobe Dreamweaver Course?

This Adobe Dreamweaver course includes understanding the development process, creating and laying out a new site, adding content, understanding and authoring cascading style sheets (CSS), adding and editing graphics, building navigation and creating jump menus, designing web forms, and publishing, testing and maintaining your site.

Course Outline:
Getting Started

· Static Page Architecture

· Introduction to Dreamweaver

· Dreamweaver Interface Basics

· Defining a Local Site

· Adding Content

· Setting Document Properties

· Cleaning Microsoft Word HTML


· Linking Documents

· Understanding Links

· Linking to Files in Your Site

· Linking to Named Anchors

· Adding E-mail Links


· Working with Graphics

· Graphics on web Pages

· Placing Graphics on the Page

· Modifying Properties

· Image Maps


· Designing Pages using Tables

· Structuring Data with Tables

· Importing Tabular Data

· Designing in Layout View

Templates and Libraries

· Using Templates and Libraries

· Creating Site Templates

· Site Library Items


· Creating Forms

· Understanding HTML Forms

Style Sheets

· Cascading Style Sheets

· Introducing CSS

· Creating a New Style Sheet

· Using Custom Classes

· Using CSS Selector Styles

· Attaching External Style Sheets

· Editing Style Sheets

· Using Embedded Styles

Adding Interactive Page Elements

· Using Behaviors

· Creating Button Rollovers

· Creating Disjointed Rollovers

Testing, Deployment and Maintenance

· Testing Your Site

· File Maintenance

· Connecting to a Remote Site

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