Adobe DreamWeaver - PHP / MySQL


Who should attend this PHP / MySQL Training course?

This Adobe Dreamweaver PHP / MySQL course is aimed at delegates with experience of web development HTML and CSS who need an introduction to PHP programming.

What are the benefits of attending this PHP / MySQL course?

This code-centric PHP / MySQL training course teaches programming skills and coding best practice. The result is cleaner, faster code and a good introduction to object oriented programming in PHP. Adobe Dreamweaver is used just as a convenient coding environment, although any appropriate environment could be used.

Course Outline:
Introduction to PHP

· PHPs purpose and capabilities

· What PHP looks like – Basic structure

Language Basics

· Structure and Syntax

· Using Variables

· Understanding Arrays

· Processing data using operators

Creating Dynamic Web Content

· Embedding PHP in Web pages

· Retrieving user input through forms, using the GET and POST method

Giving your code life – Control Structures

· Conditional decision making – if, else, and elseif

· True, false, and evaluation of expressions

· Multiple and nested conditions

· Short Circuit Evaluation – break and continue

· Decision making using the switch statement

· Alterations using while, for and for each loops

· Terminating code using exit and die

Using PHP’s built-in functions

· Mathematical functions

· Working with Strings

Introduction to Database

· Introducing MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

· Understanding the database structure

· Basic SQL commands

Making PHP and MySQL work for each other

· Connecting to the database

· Displaying database content through PHP

· Inserting and deleting data into the Database

· Updating data in the Database

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