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What are the benefits of attending the Flash Actionscript training course?

After completing this Adobe Flash Actionscript course, you will learn best practice when building more advanced Flash movies and applications. You will also gain an understanding of the different ways to approach the building of a project making better use of dynamically created movie clips and other object instances.

Who should attend the Adobe Flash Actionscript Introduction course?

The course teaches fundamental programming techniques. The course covers core concepts including instance names, variables, functions, properties, and methods; then proceeds through conditions, loops, event handling, and animating with ActionScript. It also covers the concepts of all Flash applications, Object-Oriented, event –driven programming.

What are the prerequisites?

Attendees on this course should be fully conversant with the topics covered in our Introduction to Adobe Flash course. Any experience of programming will be of help, but is not essential.

Course Outline

Introduction to Flash CS3 Actionscript 3.0

· Setting up the Actions Area

· Setting up an ActionScript Template

Flash CS3 Actionscript Basics

· What is ActionScript 3.0

· How does ActionScript 3.0 differ from ActioScript 2.0

· Object Oriented Theory

· Learn about Methods Properties and Events

· Classes , Packages and API

· Understanding Flash 3.0 API

· Variables and Data types

· Understanding variable scope

Functions and Events

· What is a function?

· Writing functions

· Calling functions and passing arguments

· Dealing with Events

· The addEventListener ( ) method

· What different event types are there?

· Detecting Mouse events

· Detecting Keyboard events

· Detecting TextField events

· The Button Class

· Simple Button Class

· Creating a Complex Button pop up Menu

· Creating a Complex Button Animated pop up Menu

General ActionScript Statements

· Using Conditional Operators

· Using Conditional statements

· Creating Continuous Actions

Creating Animation with Code

· Using the Event.ENTER_FRAME

· Create a Continuous Action

· Stopping a Continuous Action

· Using a Timer Class

· Demonstration of Timer Events

External Communication

· Linking to a Web Site

· Flash Player Security

· Working with Emails

· Loading an External Flash Movies

· The Loader Class

· The LoaderInfo Class

· Managing Multiple Flash movies

· Creating an Image Album

· Loading External Video

· Controlling a Video

· Creating Pre-Loaders

Controlling Display

· Display Lists and Display Objects

· Transforming Colour

· Advanced Colour Transformation

· Creating and Applying Filter Effects

· Creating Drag-and-Drop Interactivity

Controlling Sound

· Playing Sounds

· Importing a Sound file

· Load and Play an External Sounds

· Controlling Sounds

Creating Dynamic Effects with Classes

· Importing packages

· fl.transitions package

· fl.transitions.easing package

· Using the TransitionManager


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