Adobe Flash - Advanced ActionScript



Who should attend this ActionScript course?

This course is intended for the intermediate to advanced Adobe Flash animator who wants to learn ActionScript programming to add more complex interactivity to their movies than simple navigation.

What are the benefits of attending this ActionScript?

You'll learn to plan your Flash movies to make the process efficient and to allow code to be reused in multiple places. You will learn how to control visual objects and how to use and write functions, as well as how to use build-in classes to manage colour, sound and data.

What are the prerequisites?

Familiarity with Mac or Windows operating system and some previous experience of Adobe Flash is recommended.

Course Outline
Introducing the Course

· Understanding the course format

· Reviewing the course objectives and

Controling Visual Objects with Actionscript

· Using the Actions and Help panels

· Declaring variables and their data types

· Using the trace() function

· Using code hinting

· Assigning instance names and using them to assign runtime property values

· Using the with operator

· Introducing core properties of visual built-in classes: MovieClip, Button, and TextField

· Controlling Button and MovieClip position and visual state

· Controlling TextField content

· Introducing core properties of nonvisual built-in classes


· Understanding data type conversion

Using and Writing Functions

· Working with Flash Player global functions

· Converting values returned from functions and assigning them for display

· Writing user defined functions

· Returning, or not returning, data from a function

· Understanding variable scope

· Adding code within a MovieClip

· symbol’s own timeline

· Introducing the this operator

· Understanding object methods

· Introducing core methods of visual built-in

Classes: MovieClip and TextField

· Controlling the MovieClip playhead within its timeline

· Loading external MovieClip content

· Understanding cross-domain security issues

· Exporting and attaching MovieClip symbol instances at runtime

· Writing and using user defined functions to create visual content

· Understanding depth

· Dynamically referring to instance names and property names at runtime

Understanding and Handling Events

· Understanding event driven programming

· Working with event handler syntax

· Moving from symbol-based to timeline-based event handling

· Introducing core events of visual built-in classes: Button, MovieClip, and TextField

· Controlling the playhead within an event handler

· Understanding the this keyword inside an event handler

· Creating rollover effects

· Responding to TextField focus events

Managing Colour, Sound and Data with Built-in Classes

· Understanding complex (aggregate) variables

· Working with Arrays

· Using Sound objects

Animating with ActionScript

· Dragging and dropping a MovieClip object

· Testing for collision between MovieClip objects

· Testing and responding to position at runtime


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