Adobe Flash - Introduction


What are the benefits of attending the training course?

After completing this Adobe Flash course, you will know how to create custom Adobe Flash animations for use on the web. You will create frame-by-frame, shape-tweened, and motion-tweened animation using both custom and imported graphics as well as text.


This course requires a basic understanding of computers, such as using pointer and input devices. No previous knowledge of Adobe Flash is required, but familiarity with Mac or Windows operating system is recommended.


People of interest in creating and designing custom presentations and animations. This Flash course is aimed at web designers and animators who need to create dynamic and exciting animations.

What you will learn:
Introducing the Course

· About the course

· Course objectives

Learning the Basics

· Introducing Flash

· Using the Flash interface

· Creating a new Flash document

Creating Graphics

· Importing graphics

· Layering Flash elements

· Organizing content in layer folders

· Creating graphics

· Using the natural drawing tools

· Using color effectively

· Creating a color swatch

· Reusing graphics as symbols

Using Text Effectively

· Using the Text tool

· Creating input, static, and dynamic text fields

· Using embedded or device fonts

· Manipulating font properties

· Building forms in Flash

· Using the text property to populate fields

· Anti-aliasing text

· Using text components in Flash

Creating Animation

· Introducing animation

· Creating frame-by-frame animations

· Creating motion tweens

· Using motion guide layers

· Creating shape tweens

· Adding Timeline effects

· Masking content

· Using Guides

Building a Navigational System

· Creating buttons

· Adding behaviors to buttons

· Creating MovieClips

· Using a MovieClip as a wrapper

· Dividing files into multiple SWFs

· Loading a SWF into a MovieClip

Using MovieClips for Interactive Rich Media

· Using MovieClip events

· Structuring applications using nested symbols

· Building a MovieClip with different states

· Using the Timeline for application states

Adding Sound and Video

· Importing sounds

· Using behaviors to load sounds

· Adding video

· Using the Flash video components


· Publishing Flash for web use

· Using Flash and HTML together

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