Adobe InDesign - L1/2/3


Level 1: Creating Basic Publications

Adobe® InDesign® is a robust and easy to use design and layout program. With it you can create documents of many types: From single page advertisements and fliers, to complex multi-page color publications. In this course you will learn the basics of creating documents with InDesign®.


This course requires a basic understanding of computers, such as using pointer and input devices.


People interested in creating documents of different designs and layouts.

What you will learn:
Lesson 1: InDesign® Environment

· InDesign Environment Elements

· Document Navigation

Lesson 2: Basic Documents

· Document Setup

· Creating Text

· Working with Graphics

Lesson 3: Master Pages

· Creating Masters

· Applying Masters

Lesson 4: Importing and Threading Text

· Importing Text

· Threading Text

· Changing Text Threads

Lesson 5: Colors, Swatches, and Gradients

· Colors and Swatches

· Gradients

· Applying Fills and Strokes to Frames and Type

Lesson 6: Formatting Type

· Character Formatting

· Paragraph Formatting

· Text Inset Spacing

Lesson 7: Graphics and Layout

· Placing and Manipulating Graphics

· Text Wrap

· Layers

Lesson 8: Transparency

· Applying Transparency

· Transparency Effects and Blending Modes

· Printing with Transparency

Lesson 9: Using Tables

· Creating Tables

· Formatting Tables

Lesson 10: Preparing for Handoff to a Service Provider

· Commercial Printing Overview

· Preflighting

· Printing

· Packaging Files

Lesson 11: Creating Acrobat PDF Files

· PDF Files for the Web

· PDF Presets

· PDF Files for Printing

Level 2: Type, Graphics, and Cross-Media Publishing

Adobe® InDesign® is a robust and easy to use design and layout program. With it you can create documents of many types: From single page advertisements and fliers, to complex multi-page color publications. In this course you will learn advanced features in InDesign to create more complex documents.

Course Outline:
Lesson 1: Master Page Setup

· Basing Masters on Existing Master Pages

· ApplyingMaster Pages to Multiple Document Pages

Lesson2: Advanced Styles

· Local Overrides in Styles

· BasingOne Style on Another

· Importingand Redefining Styles

Lesson 3: Text Flow Control

· Inline Graphics

· Composition, Hyphenation, and Justification

· Tracking and Kerning

· Scaling Text

Lesson 4: Page Elements and Graphics

· Item Duplication

· File Formats

· Libraries

Lesson 5 Bézier Shapes

· Bézier Paths

· Compound Paths

· Clipping Paths

· Type Outlines

Lesson 6: Document Sectioning

· Sectioned Documents

· Sectioned Document Navigation

Lesson 7: Managing Long Documents

· Tables of Contents

· Indexing

· Creating a Book

Lesson 8: Print Settings

· Print Presets

· Color Separations Print Settings

Lesson9: InDesign and XML

· Structuring InDesign Documents with XML

· Importing XML

Level 3 : Migration Course

Who should attend this Adobe InDesign course?

This course is designed for experienced users of any version of QuarkXPress to make an effortless transition to Adobe InDesign.

What are the benefits of attending this course?

The course will take your existing QuarkXPress skills and convert them to the InDesign equivalents. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the InDesign environment and experience the capabilities of the software as well as practical use of the features.

Course Outline:
Opening a QuarkXPress document in InDesign

· How well does the conversion work?

· Features that are converted

· Managing the converted document using InDesign

· Using QuarkXPress and InDesign shortcuts Introduction to the interface

· Customizing the workspace

· Tiling windows

· Using the multiple undo feature

Specifying page attributes

· Document setup

· Document layout

· Adding and positioning ruler guides

· Locking a point on the proxy box

· Using the transform palette

Working with text

· Placing text files and Microsoft Word files

· Threading text frames

· Using the auto flow option to place a text file

· Inserting special characters

· Optical margin alignment

· Optical and metric kerning

· Using the multi-line text composer

· Setting bulleted paragraphs

Setting tabs and leaders

· Measuring tab positions

· Modifying tabs

Proofing options

· Checking spelling

· Using find and change


· Creating and using paragraph and character styles

· Using converted QuarkXPress style sheets

· Locally formatting a style

· Using the No style option

· Importing style sheets to a new document

· Redefining a style sheet

· Using the style sheet preview option Importing graphics

· Resizing graphics

· Combining text and graphics

· Setting a text wrap

· Duplicating objects

· Using arrangement options

· Managing links

Integration with Photoshop and Illustrator

· Importing artwork from Illustrator

· Importing native Photoshop files with a transparent background

· Editing a Photoshop clipping path in InDesign

Working with colour

· Using the color palette

· Colour application

· Stroke and fill options

· Specifying a Pantone color

· Customizing the swatches palette

· Creating gradients

· Printing and saving files

Long document features

· Using Master pages

· Setting section and automatic page numbering


· Performing a pre-flight check

· Exporting as a PDF file

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