AutoDesk 3D Studio Max


Course Objective:

3D studio Max is a modeling, animation, and rendering solution used by the world's top 3D professional artists and designers to create eye-catching visual effects, cutting-edge games, and unique design visualizations. 3DS Max has a range of new features and enhancements that include advanced schematic view for complex scene management, integrated mental ray for high-quality rendering, integrated reactor 2 with stuntman/vehicle dynamics, heavy emphasis on improved stability and reliability and many more additional features.


This course requires a basic understanding and use of computers and AutoCAD.


Architects, interior designers and games producers.

3ds Max – Beginner / Intermediate Course

Course Outline:

It is a comprehensive 3D modeling, rendering, and 3D animation software used by leaders in game development, television, film. The course focuses on the basic level of using and experimenting the 3ds Max in the modeling, texturing, animating, lighting and rendering fields…


· The 3d environment

· Transformation Tools

· General Interface Tools (keys, specification…)


· Primitives Objects

· Modeling a table

· Modeling a chair

· Modeling with extrude and bevel

· Working with mesh and poly

· Compound Primitives (Boolean…)

· Modeling a primitive building

· Shapes (lines, text…)

· Modifiers_3D: Taper, Twist, Bend, wave, slice, …

· Modifiers_2D: Lathe, extrude, ….

· Material Mapping

· Introduction to material editor

· Mapping the 1st

· Mapping the chessboard

· scene

· Environment Pictures

· Mapping the kitchen

· Mapping: Tips …


· Timeline

· Key frames

· Adjusting Time

· Animating Objects

· Animating Lights

· Animating Cameras


· Camera Types

· Camera Properties

· Adding Camera

· Animating a Camera over a path


· Stills (Pictures)

· Animation (Movies)


· Types of Light

· Adding Lights

· Shadows


· Importing an AutoCAD plan

· Elevating Walls

· Adding Windows, doors, trees, balconies…

· Adding Floor and ceiling

Particles \ Space Warps

· Snow, Parray, Spray…

· Smoke, Gushing Water

· Deflectors

· Forces

3ds Max – Advanced

Course Objectives:

The 3ds Max advanced course focuses on the modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and rendering with advanced features using professional tools for a superior utilization of the software. Students will be able to use 3ds Max for various purposes in the field of advertisement, TVs, Games…

Course Outline:


· Car modelling

· Tips of modeling

· Low Poly modeling

· Cloth

· Hair


· Cell shading

· Composite Material

· Unwrap UVW

· Mental Ray

· Shaders of Mental Ray

· Texturing in Mental Ray

· Lighting in Mental Ray

· Rendering in Mental Ray


· Photometric Lights

· Day/Night

· Light Tracer

· Lens Flare

· Video Post


· Dynamics

· Curve Editor

· Particles

· Particles View

· Explosions

· Car Rig


· Clay renders

· Foggy scenes






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