Avid Express Pro


Avid Xpress Pro Editing is an in-depth introduction to the techniques of non-linear editing on the Avid Xpress Pro system. The class progresses through all the basic phases of creating a sequence on Avid Xpress Pro, including inputting source footage, assembling and trimming sequences, editing audio, creating titles, and outputting a finished program. Computer Skills-Mac or PC. The course is designed for video editors and developers of interactive media.

Course Outline
Avid Training Class Unit 1: Avid System Overview

· System Hardware

· Basic Editing Steps

· Avid Terms and Concepts

· Starting the System

· Opening a Project

· Working in the Project Window

· Working in Bins

· Using Online Help

Avid Training Class Unit 2: Basic Editing

· The Editing Interface

· Playing Clips

· Marking the Edit points in a Clip

· Creating a new Sequence

· Adding Shots

· Removing Materials from a Sequence

· Essential Basic Tools

Avid Training Class Unit 3: Fine Tuning

· Locating the Audio Edit Cue

· Trimming

· Explaining Single-Roller Trims

· Performing a Single -Roller Trim

· Dual-Roller Trimming

· Additional Trim Features

· Adding Dissolves

Avid Training Class Unit 4: Additional Editing Tools

· Viewing and Changing Settings

· Using the Superbin

· Additional Navigation Tools

· Mapping User-Selectable Buttons

· Using the Toolset

· Additional Editing Methods

Avid Training Class Unit 5: Saving Your Work

· Saving Your Work

· Retrieving Bins from the Avid Attic

· Ending the Session

Avid Training Class Unit 6: Editing Dialog

· Trimming Dialog

· Creating Split Edits

· Maintaining Sync

Avid Training Class Unit 7: Working in the Timeline

· Using Locators

· Adding and Patching Tracks

· Configuring the Timeline

· Saving a Customized Timeline View

· Editing Segments in the Timeline

· Slipping and Sliding Segments

Avid Training Class Unit 8: Working with Audio

· Setting Level and Pan

· Adjusting Level and Pan in the Audio Mix Tool

· Adjusting Audio Gain with Key-frames

· Automation Gain Real-Time Recording

Avid Training Class Unit 9: Capturing Media

· Setting the Record Options

· Choosing the Video Resolution

· Setting Audio Levels

· Capturing Footage

· Logging and Batch Recording

Avid Training Class Unit 10: Preparing Your bin for Editing

· Using Test View

· Adding a Custom Column to a Bin

· Sorting and Sifting Clips

· Moving Clips Between Bins

Avid Training Class Unit 11: Creating Titles

· Working with the Title Tool

· Formatting Text

· Applying Shadows and Borders

· Choosing Colors

· Saving, Fading, and Revising Titles

· Rolling and Crawling Titles

Avid Training Class Unit 12: Media Management

· Locking Items in the Bin

· Deleting Clips and Media Files

· The Media Tool

· Identifying Media Relatives

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