Comptia Security+


Course objective:

CompTIA Security+ validates your commitment to security. Business owners across various industries hire professionals who can keep their networks secure. A CompTIA Security+ credential on your resume proves to such owners your ability to keep their information safe from network security breaches.

Course Outline

Part 1

· Introduction, and overview

· TCP/IP Protocol vulnerability analysis (Layer 2/3)

· Networking review: Ethernet and IP primer

· Ethernet Operation

· Tools for frame capture, analysis, and creation

· IP operation: IP Packet structure, ARP, ICMP

· Tools for packet capture, analysis, and creation

· ARP spoofing, IP address spoofing, ICMP abuse

· Denial-of-Service Attacks

Part 2

· TCP/IP Protocol vulnerability analysis (Layer 4-7)

· Protocol review: TCP/UDP

· TCP Connection setup and termination

· TCP timers and state machines

· TCP SYN flood attack, Sequence guessing, Connection hijacking

· Clear-text Authentication (password sniffing)

· DNS operation and vulnerability

Part 3

· TCP/IP Protocol vulnerability analysis (Layer 4-7)

· SSH, HTTPS protocol analysis, MITM attack

· TCP fingerprinting and advanced scans

· Attack detection (NIDS)

· Basic logging and notification of scans: ports entry, etc.

Part 4

· Attack detection

· Advanced stateful detection with snort

· Advanced snort configuration

· Installing and testing Snort, with Acid and MySQL

· Writing custom Snort filters

Part 5

· Firewall services

· Using Linux as a router

· Netfilter, IP Tables and firewall configuration


· Advanced routing

· Policy routing

· Use of the 'ip' command

· Traffic shaping


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