English and Other Foreign Languages For Hospitality Management

Course Description:

This is a course designed for people who need to improve their foreign language while emphasizing on hospitality management topics.

Course Outline:

· Before the guest checks-in

· Revising a reservation

· Suggesting an alternative accommodation

· The guest experience meeting a hotel representative at the airport

· Checking guests in

· Welcoming a guest

o Guest with reservation.

o Guest without reservation.

· Securing the staying with a credit card

· Going over a registration form

· Escorting a guest to a room

· Orienting a guest to a room

· Showing a guest how to get hotel information

· Dealing with the desertives by a guest

· Checking-in a large tour group

· Helping a guest ship a parcel

· Parking a guest's car

· Laundry services

o The Hotel laundry

o Coin operating machine

· Housekeeping

o Dealing with damage in a room

o Bringing extra requirements to the room

o Cleaning the room

· Room service

o Taking an order to the room

o Delivering an order

· Taking messages to a guest

· Serving a guest in a gift shop

· The guest's experience

o Signing for drinks and snacks

o Using the business center

o In-room entertainment

o Using the family pool

o Using the fitness center

o At the executive lounge

· Taking restaurant reservation by phone

· Accommodating guests who have no reservation

· Explaining that no table is available

· Seeking guests

· Taking a beverage order and serving beverages

· Taking a meal order

· Serving food

· Serving wine

· Taking dessert and coffee orders

· Taking payment at the table

· Taking payment at the register

o A satisfying customer

o A dissatisfying customer

o A credit card problem

· Explaining the details of a hotel tour

· Advising guests about a nearby restaurant

· Arranging for a taxi

· Booking a hotel for future conferences

· Directing guests for facilities near the hotel

· Handling a request for childcare

· Lost and found

· Helping a guest who is injured

· Getting a medical care for a guest

· Dealing with noisy guests

· Advising a guest about safe storage

· A guest experience: reporting a problem

· Checking-out

· Checking-out a guest: a dispute about a bill

· Exchanging currencies

· Storing luggage after check-out

· A guest experience: leaving the hotel

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