English and Other Foreign Languages For Information Computer Technology

Course Description:

This course teaches the Information and Computer Technologists (ICT) how to improve the usage of the ICT jargon and ideas in a foreign language using all means: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Course Outline:

· Learning vocabulary: tips and techniques

o Guessing meaning from context

o Organizing vocabulary

o Using dictionary

· Living with computers

o Computers, friend .. or foe?

o Things we can do on the computer

· A typical PC

o Computer essentials

o Parts of a computer

o Functions of a PC: input, processing, output, storage.

· Types of a computer system

o From mainframes to wearable computers

· Input devices: type, click and talk!

o Interacting with your computer

o The keyboard

o The mouse

o Voice input

· Input devices: the eyes of your PC

o Scanners

o Digital cameras

o Digital video cameras and webcams

· Output devices: printers

o Technical details

o Types of printers

· Output devices: display screens

o CRT vs LCD vs LED

o Big screens: plasma and projection TVs

· Processing

o The processor

o RAM vs ROM

o Units of memory

· Disks and drives

o Magnetic storage

o Optical storage

o Removable flash memory

· Health and safety

o Computer ergonomics

o Electronic rubbish

o The risks of using mobile and in-car computers

· Operating Systems and the GUI

o Types of software: the OS

o The Graphical User Interface

o System utilities

· Word processing

o Word processing features

· Spreadsheets and databases

o Spreadsheet basics

o Parts of a database

· Graphics and design

o Types of graphics software

· Multimedia

o A multimedia system

o Recognizing file formats

o Applications

· Sound and Music

o Audio files on the web

o Digital audio players

o Other audio applications

· Programming

o Programming languages

o Steps in writing a program

· Computers and work

o Jobs in computing

o Computers and jobs: new ways, new profiles

· ICT systems

o ICT systems: components and functions

o Types of systems

o Types of devices and services

· Networks

o LANs (Local Area Networks)

o Network topology

o WANs (Wide Area Networks)

· Faces of the Internet

o What the Internet is.

o Getting connected

o Components of the internet

· Email

o What an email is

o Anatomy of an email

o Spam

o Mailing lists and newsgroups

· The world wide web

o What the web is

o How to surf the web

o What you can do about the web

· Web design


o Basic elements

o Video, animations and sound

· Chatting and video conferencing

o IRC and web chat

o Instant messaging

o Video and voice calls

o Virtual worlds

· Internet security

o Internet crime

o Malware: viruses worms, trojans and spyware

o Preventive tips

· E-commerce

o Elements of e-commerce

o How to buy on the Internet

o Types of e-business

· Online banking

o Online banking basics

o Online banking services

o Online security

· Mobile phones

o Mobile phones: definition and technology

o A brief history

o Features and functions

· Robots, androids, A.I.

o Robots and automata

o Uses for robots

o Artificial Intelligence

· Intelligent homes

o Domotics

o Control devices and networking

o Automatic operations

· Future Trends

o Smaller and faster

o Computers everywhere: human-centred technologies

· Prefixes

o Common prefixes

o Verb prefixes

o The prefixes “e-” and “cyber-”

· Suffixes

o Common suffixes

o Word families

o We love 'wares'

· Compounds

o Compound nouns

o Compound adjectives

· Collocations

o What a collocation is

o Some types of collocations

· Defining and Classifying functions

o Describing a function

o Classifying from general to specific

o Classifying from specific to general

· Qualifying and comparing

o Choosing a computer

o Comparing qualities.

· Describing technical processes

o A technical process: how VoIP works

o The use of the passive

o Sequencing a process

· Troubleshooting

o Troubleshooting and help desks

o Describing the problem

o Making guesses and giving advice



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