English and Other Foreign Languages For Law

Course Description:

This is a course designed for lawyers and law students who need to improve their foreign language writing of judicial decisions and authoritative practices.

This course also enhances the skills of reading and responding to various materials such as descriptive legal reports, works of legal reference, statutes, the terms and conditions of a contract, … .

Course Outline:

· Legal systems

o The structure of the law

o The constitution

o Jurisdiction

· Sources of law: legislation

o Background to making new law

o Early development of a Bill

o Passing an act

· Sources of law: common law

o Common law in UK

o Law reports

· The court system

o Civil courts

o Criminal courts

· Criminal justice and criminal proceedings

o Criminal justice

o Categories of criminal justice

o Criminal court proceedings

· Civil procedure

o Civil procedure rules

o Proceeding with a claim

· Tribunals

o The status and the range of tribunals

o Composition of tribunals and procedure

· European Union law

o What's the EU?

o How does the EU impact on Member States?

· Solicitors

o Legal practitioners

o Training

o A partner in a law firm

· Barristers

o Organisation

o Training and Qualifications of practicing barristers

· Working lives

o A company commercial lawyer

o A legal secretary

· Judges

o Judicial appointments in England and Wales

o The training of judges

o Civil courts sentencing and court orders

· A law firm's structure and practice

o A law firm's structure and practice – more details

· Client care procedure

o Explaining client care procedures

· Money laundering procedures

o Money laundering procedures

· Client correspondence

o Client correspondence

o Standard phrases for starting and ending letters and emails

· Explanations and clarification

o Explaining a procedure

o Approximating and comparing

o Rephrasing and clarifying

· Legalese

o Legal language

o Latin terms

o Older words and modern equivalents

· Business organizations

o Sole trader

o Partnerships

o Limited Companies

· Formation of a companies

o Incorporation

o Memorandum and articles of association

· Raising capital by share sale

o Share capital

o Share value

o Rights attaching to shares

· Company directors and company secretaries

o Qualifications and duties of a company director

o Qualifications and duties of a company secretary

· Insolvency and winding up

o Insolvency

o Insolvency scenarios

· Alternative dispute resolution

o Alternative Dispute Resolution

o ADR procedures

· Corporation tax

o Corporation tax liability in the UK

o Word combinations with the word “tax”

· Mergers and acquisitions

o Mergers and acquisitions

o Dealing disclosures requirements

· Anti-competitive behaviour

o Competition law

o Competition inquiry

o Information gathering, hearings, and remedies

· Liabilities: Tort 1: Personal injury claim

o Tort

o Client briefing notes – personal injury claims

· Liabilities: Tort 2: Clinical negligence

o Clinical negligence practice

· Forming a contract

o Basic principles

o Foundation of a contract

o Form of contract

o Void or voidable or unenforceable contracts

· Structure of a commercial contract

o Structure of a commercial contract – details

· Express and implied terms

o Express terms

o Implied terms

· Exclusion, limitation, and standard clauses

o Exclusion and limitation clauses

o Standard clauses

· Privity of contract discharge, and remedies

o Privity of contract

o Discharge of contract

o Remedies for breach of contract

· Standard terms in the sale and supply of goods

o Using standard terms

o Incorporating terms

· Licensing agreements and computer programs

o Licences and software products

o Exclusion and limitation clauses

· Commercial leases

o Interest in property

o Terms of a commercial lease

o Obtaining leasehold interest

· Buying and selling commercial property

o Commercial conveyancing

o Sale by auction

o Sale by private treaty

· Employment law

o Employment law

o Contract of employment

· Intellectual property: Copyright and patent

o Copyright

o Patent

· Trade marks, domain names, and remedies for IP infringement

o Trade marks and domain names

o IP infringement

· Information Technology law and cybercrime

o Computer security

o Cybercrime (Internet crimes.)

o Data protection

· Environmental law

o International environmental law

o National environmental law

o Application of environmental law

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