English and Other Foreign Languages For Marketing

Course Description:

This course teaches marketing professionals how to improve the usage of the marketing jargon and ideas in a foreign language using all means: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Course Outline:

· The marketing mix

o The Ps

o Marketing a new product

o The four Cs, As and Os


· SWOT analysis

o SWOT analysis - details

o SWOT and marketing strategy

· Marketing strategy and the marketing plan

o Marketing strategy vs the marketing plan

o Developing the marketing plan

· Marketing ethics

o Social marketing

o Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

· The market environment

o The micro environment

o The macro environment: STEP (A.K.A. PEST) analysis

· Legal aspects of marketing

o Legal definitions

o Legal problems

o The Consumer Protection Act

· Research

o Types of research

o Research methodology

o Describing survey results

o Understanding trends and changes

· New product development

o Idea generation

o Idea screening

o Concept development and testing

o Marketing strategy and Business analysis

o Product development and optimization

o Test marketing

o Commercialization

· Brainstorming

o The brainstorming session

o Brainstorming techniques

o Suggesting and building on ideas

· Product and service types

o Product types

o Word combinations with 'goods' and 'products'

o Types of service

· Product life cycles

o The Boston Consulting Group Matrix

o Inside the Boston Box

· Selling products and services

o The seller

o The purchaser

o Selling a service

· Branding

o What branding is

o Branding - details

o Word combinations with 'brand'

o Brand platform

o Brand management

o Brand strategy

o More word combinations with 'brand'

· Brand values

o Common brand values

o Describing brand values

· Market segmentation

o What market segmentation is

o How does market segmentation work

o Common market segments

· Customer needs and behavior

o Maslow's Hierarchy of needs

o Consumer life cycle (CLC)

o Purchasing behavior

· Loyalty programmes

o Customer loyalty

o Loyalty programmes

o Talking about loyalty programmes

· Motivation marketing

o What is motivation marketing?

o Staff incentive schemes

o Incentives: travel and events

· Customer Relationship Management

o One-to-one marketing

o CRM technology

o Privacy

· The marketing budget

o The marketing budget – details

o Budgeting approaches

o Return on investment

· Price

o Pricing strategies

o Pricing considerations

o The price test

· Logistics and the distribution chain

o Moving goods

o Direct distribution

o Indirect distribution

· Merchandising

o Merchandise and Merchandising

o Promotional Merchandise

o Sports Merchandising

o Film, book and merchandising

· Trade shows

o Why use trade shows?

o Organizing an event

· Telemarketing

o What's telemarketing?

o Outbound telemarketing

o Inbound telemarketing

o Telemarketing scripts

· Online shopping and mail order

o The online shopping experience

o Mail order and the ordering process

· Personal selling

o The sales force

o Personal selling

o The sales process

o Marketing support

· Above, below, through the line

o Above the line

o Below the line

o Through the line

o Advertising techniques

· Media strategy

o Media strategy – details

o Media planning

o Media buying

· TV and radio

o Advertising on TV or radio

o The audience

o Dayparts

· Outdoor advertising

o Out-of-home advertising formats

o Effectiveness of OOH

· The press

o Newspapers

o Magazines

o Choosing titles

o Choosing a position

· Printed documents

o Design

o Preparing to print

o The print job

· Branded content

o History of branded content

o Types of branded content

o Efficiency

· The Internet

o Internet advertising

o Search engines

o Search engine marketing

· Buzz marketing

o Word of mouth

o Buzz marketing and stealth marketing

o Electronic buzz

o Generating a buzz

· Sales promotions and displays

o Sales promotions

o Point of Sale (POS) displays

· Direct mail and email

o The advantages of direct mail

o Organizing a direct mail or email campaign

o Describing a mailshot

· Street marketing and sampling

o History of street marketing

o Aims of street marketing

o Successful street marketing tactics

· Logos

o Types of logo

o Logo design

o Typeface

· Materials and containers

o Describing packaging

· Corporate communications

o The goals of corporate communications

o Corporate values and identity

o Tools of corporate communications

· Public relations and lobbying

o Public relations

o Media relations

o Lobbying

o Inside lobbying

o Outside lobbying

· Event and sports sponsorships

o Sponsorship

o Types of sponsorship

o Word combinations with 'sponsor'

· Crisis communication

o What is crisis communication?

o A crisis communication case study

· Corporate blogging

o Blogging basics

o Blogs as a marketing tool

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