English and Other Foreign Languages For Tourism

Course Description:

This is a course designed for people who need to improve their foreign language while emphasizing on tourism topics.

Course Outline:

· Exchange personal details

· Complete a register

· Take a booking

· Deal with a telephone enquiry

· Hire a car

· Plan a holiday

· Deal with a complaint

· Describe a traditional-dish

· Give a guided-tour

· Describe a building

· Write an email describing a hotel

· Translate a letter

· Write a letter cf apology

· Deal with a complaint

· Write a CV

· Write a covering letter

· Apply for a job

· Interview for a job

· Check-in a guest

· Give health and safety advice

· Write a letter of apology

· Exchange holiday plans

· Describe traditional gifts

· Create a tourism development plan

· Give a presentation (1)

· Produce an information leaflet

· Sell on-board duty-free goods

· Reply to an enquiry

· Recommend places to visit

· Write a fax

· Plan a tour

· Apply for a job

· Attend a job interview

· Translate interview questions

· Sell tours

· Exchange information on excursions

· Change a booking

· Write a fax of confirmation

· Give directions

· Sell optional extras

· Plan an entertainment programme

· Reply to an email enquiry

· Give health advice

· Write a health information leaflet

· Explain a bill

· Upsell at reception

· Describe the weather

· Give a presentation (2)

· Prepare a tourism development plan

· Translate a webpage

· Holiday rep game

· CV and covering letter

· Formal letter

· Fax and email

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