Gemivision Matrix 3D

Course Description:

Gemivision Matrix 3D for jewelry artisans and designers facilitates the Computer-Aided Design of stunning jewelry models with tools unique to the industry in every sense of the word. In this course, the student will able to design jewelry using Matrix.

Who should attend this course?

· Jewelry designers and anyone having interest in designing jewelry.

Course Outline:

· An Introduction to Matrix

o Tour of the Interface

o The F6 Key & Matrix

o History & Matrix

o Tour of a Matrix Builder

o Modeling in the Viewports

o Using Info & Settings Menu

o The Layers Menu

o Using Project Manager

o Using the Snaps Menu

o The Top 11 Buttons

o Using the File Menu

o Using the View Menu

o Using the Measure Menu

o Basic Utilities' Menu Tools

· Building Shanks & Bands

o Building Your First Ring

o The Ring Rail Tool

o The Profile Placer Tool

o Create your own Profile

o Using Sweep 1 History

o The Outside Rail Tool

o Using Sweep 2 History

o Multi Rail Sweep History

o Profile End Cap

· Adding Basic Gems

o The Gem Loader Tool

o Gem Position-er & MSR

o Using Bezel Builder

o Matching Gem Attributes

o Emerald & Baguette Builders

· Basic Setting Tools

o Using Head Builder

o Saving & Loading Styles

o Using Heads Library

o Emerald Profile & Cluster Tools

· Closed Curve Tools

o Curve Tools for Basic Design

o The Circle Command

o The Ellipse Command

o The Rectangle Command

o The Polygon Command

· Open Curve Tools

o The Line Command

o Arc & Arc Direction

· Tools to Modify Curves

o The “Offset” Commands

o The Two “Blend” Commands

o The “Fillet “& “Chamfer “ Tools

o Using “Curve Boolean”

· Fixing Problem Curves

o “Rebuild” & “Fit” Commands

o Mark Curve Start & End

o The “Extend” Command

o The “Match” Command

· Curves on a Surface

o Extract Isocurve Commands

o “Pullback” & “Project”

o The “Center Line” Tool

o Other Curve Menu Commands

· Gems from Curves

o Multiple Gems & Settings

o Gems & Objects on a Curve

o Advanced Cluster Builder

o Gems Between 2 Curves

o Building a Baguette Channel

o Baguette Between 2 Curves

o The Custom Gem Tool

· Managing Multiple Gems

o Using Gem Reporter

o Using Gem Guides

· Setting Multiple Gems

o Creating a Prong Layout

o Prong Editor

o The Metal Piece Setting

o The Channel Border Tool

o The Gem Profile Tool

· Gem Cutters

o Cutters for 1 or Many Gems

· Cutting Tools

o Cut to Finger Rail Tool

o Boolean Builder & Booleans

· Tools for use with Booleans

o Boolean-Related Commands

· Builder Menus

o Using Matrix Builders

· Ring Builders

o Eternity Ring Builder

o Raised Band Builder

· Design Element Builders

o Pattern Builder

o The Two Knot Builders

o Jump Ring & Nautilus Builders

· Award-Style Ring Builders

o Signet Ring Builder

o The Award Ring Builder

o The Surface Pullback Tool

· Intermediate Tools...

o The Curve Transform Tool

· Tools to Mirror Designs ...

o Mirror Mode & Mirror Shatter

· Cutting Tools to Mirror Designs

o Plane & Cube Cutters

o Quad Flip Builder

· Tools Menu Builders

o The Ring Resizer Tool

· Surfaces & Solids from Curves

o Build & Edit Surfaces & Solids

o The “Extrude” Tools

o The “Pipe” Commands

o The Revolve Commands

· Creating Surfaces

o Creating Simple Surfaces

· Tools to Edit Surfaces & Solids

o Cap Planar & Extract Surface

o The Blend Surface Command

o Fillet & Chamfer Tools

o Basic Scale Tools

o Bend, Twist, Taper, & Shear

o The Cage & Cage Edit Tools

o The Polar Array Tool

o Make Downward Facing

· Intermediate Gem Tools

o Intermediate Gem Tools

· Pave Tools

o Creating Simple Pave

o Using Gem on Surface

o Using Springs

o Adding Pave Azures

o Adding Pave Prongs

o Prong & Bead on Surface

o Auto Pave’: Advanced Designs

· Advanced Gem Tools

o Gem Control

o Gem Follow

o Using “Object to Gem”

· Advanced Profile & Rail Tools

o Advanced Modeling Concepts

o The Profile Sweep Tool

o Custom Rail & Related Tools

o Sweeping Custom Rail Rings

o Using Profile Merge

o Dup Edge & Dup Border

o Orient 2 & 3 Points

o Using Rotate 3D

o Curves and CPlanes

o The Blend Targets Menu

· Advanced Surface Creation

o Sweep 1, 2, & Surface Modeling

o Using the “Loft” Tool

o Using Curve Network

o Using the Patch Command

o Cross Section Profiles

o Using the Drape Tool

o Using Heightfield from Bitmap

· Advanced Surface Editing

o Offsetting Surfaces

o Extend Surface

o Rebuild Surface

o Using Match & Merge

o Using Unroll Surface

o Untrim / Shrink Trimmed Surface

o Using Move UVN

o Using the Soft Move Tools

· Curve Tools: Objects on a Surface

o Advanced Rhino Design Tools

o Understanding UV Curves

o Adjust Closed Curve Seam Pt.

o The Divide Curve Command

· Transform Menu: Objects on a Surface

o Using the “Flow” Commands

o Using The Array Tools

o The Orient Tools & “Splop”

· Solid Menu: Objects on a Surface

o Boss, Rib, and Slab & Holes

· Using Matrix Art ...

o Matrix Art & Mesh Tools

o Using the Layer Menu

o Using the Picture Menu

o Using the Effects Menu

o Using the Sculpt Menu

· Matrix Art Tools

o Convert to Bitmap

· Utilities Menu Tools

o Show Z Buffer

· Mesh Tools

o The Mesh Mapper Tool

o Mesh Reducer

· Mesh Utilities

o Using Apply Mesh UVN

o Create & F ix Meshes

· V-Ray

o Rendering With V-Ray

o Using Lights

o Tools to Enhance Renders

o Other Settings in Render

o Creating Animations

· Advanced Rendering

o Creating Environments

o Saving User Environments

o Create Materials

o Save User Materials

o Rhino & V-Ray Functions

o Render Effects with Maps

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