Course Description:

IELTS is an exam that tests your proficiency in the English language based on International standards.

This exam is required by many universities around the world, and some immigration departments (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, ... etc).

IELTS exam has two modes: Academic and General Training.

Course Outline:

· Introduction

· Contents of the test

· How to take a specimen test

· Re-using the specimen question papers

· Specimen materials

o Listening module

o Academic reading

o Academic writing

o General training reading

o General training writing

o Speaking module

· How to mark the listening and reading modules

· Interpreting your scores

· Answer keys

o Listening

o Tapescript

o Reading (Academic)

o Reading (General Training)

· Sample candidate writing scripts and examiner comments

o Writing (Academic)

o Writing (General Training)

· Sample candidate speaking tests and examiner comments

· Answer sheets

o Completing the answer sheets

o Listening

o Reading (Academic and General training)

o Writing (Academic and General training)

*There is also a CD containing the Listening Module and three candidate Speaking Tests.


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