MS Office Access



Course Objectives:


Microsoft Office Access helps information workers quickly track and report information with ease thanks to the new Microsoft Office Fluent user interface and interactive design capabilities that do not require deep database knowledge. Users can share information over the Web on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server lists where it can be audited and backed up.


This course requires a basic understanding of computers, such as the proper use of pointer and input devices.



People of interest in the creation of databases.


1) Analysis
2) Creating simple database

· Setting up database.

· Creating tables.

· Moving around a table.

· Changing the table’s data.

· Changing the table’s appearance.

· Printing table.


3) Tables

· Editing table structure.

· About data types.

· Using field properties.

· Datasheet Tools


4) Database Design

· Rules for Database Design.

· Establishing relationships.

· Design techniques for reducing errors.

· Protecting your data.


5) Queries

· Using Find and Filters.

· Using simple Queries.

· Using dynamic Queries


6) Forms and Macros

· Creating auto forms.

· Customizing forms.

· Creating Macros.

· Using macros and forms together.

· Creating multi-tables forms.

· Using queries and forms together.

· Parameter, formulas, calculated controls, graphs.


7) Reports

· Using Reports.

· Using queries and reports together.

· Using macros and reports together.

· Creating multi-tables reports.


8) Switchboard Manager

· Creating switchboard.


9) Maintaining and managing a database

· Database utilities

· Security and Startup Form.

· Removing security settings.



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