MS Office Power Point


Course description:

Microsoft Office PowerPoint enables users to quickly create high-impact dynamic presentations while integrating security-enhanced workflow and ways to easily share this information.



This course requires a basic understanding of computers, such as proper use of pointer and input devices.




People interested in developing simple but creative presentations to show certain information.




Introduction to PowerPoint:


• Opening a Presentation

• Exploring the PowerPoint window

• Exploring different PowerPoint views


Beginning a Presentation:


• Creating Title and Bullet slides

• Creating slides in Outline view

• Modifying slide text

• Checking spelling


Drawing Tools:


• Working with drawing tools

• Working with text and drawn objects

• Enhancing drawn objects


Clip Art and WordArt:


• Using Clip Art

• Inserting a table

• Using WordArt


Organization Charts and Microsoft Graph:


• Creating an organization Chart

• Organization Chart options

• Orientation to Microsoft Graph

• Editing a Column Chart


Templates and the Slide Master:


• Selecting a Template

• Changing text and bullets in the Slide Master

• Removing Slide Master Objects and adding a footer


Slide Shows, Output, and Presentation Options:


• Slide Show options

• Adding Transitions and animation to a Slide




• Running a manual and an automatic Slide Show

• Working with notes

• Printing a presentation


Working with Templates:


• Working with presentations

• Creating a Template

• Working with a Design Template


Working with Multimedia:


• Working with graphics and multimedia

• Working with animation

• Inserting movies and sound


Working within the Office Suite:


• Inserting Office objects

• Creating slides from an outline

• Sending slides to Microsoft Word


Additional PowerPoint Features:


• Customizing PowerPoint Toolbars

• Other customization options

• Automating slide production

• Using AutoCorrect and the Style Checker


Building Interactive Presentations:


• Creating Hyperlinks

• Creating interactive objects

• Working with Slide Show options

• Using the Meeting Minder


Collaborating on the Web:


• Exploring online meetings

• Broadcasting presentations

• Delivering presentations.




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