MS Office Word


Course Objectives:

Microsoft Office Word helps creating and sharing professional-looking content by combining a comprehensive set of writing tools with the new easy-to-use Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. Students are introduced to Word terminology and the Word window by preparing an announcement. The new Office Fluent user interface presents the right tools when you need them, making it easy to format your documents quickly. Now you can find the right features in Office Word to make your documents communicate more effectively.


This course requires a basic understanding of computers, such as basic mouse and keyboard operations, point and clicks, double-click operations.


People interested in creating word-text documents by typing instead of writing.


Introduction to Word

• The basics of entering text

• The File, Save As command

• Opening and editing a document

• Saving a document

Navigating in a document

• Scrolling in a document

• Searching in a document

Additional editing techniques

• Using the AutoCorrect feature

• Techniques for selecting text

• Moving and copying text

Character and paragraph formatting

• Basic character formatting techniques

• Advanced character formatting techniques

• Paragraph formatting

• Working with indents, numbered lists, and

bulleted lists

• Line breaks and line spacing

Introduction to tabs and tables

• Tabs

• Creating a table

• Enhancing a table

Controlling page appearance

• Headers and footers

• Margins

• Page breaks

Tools and printing

• Using proofing tools

• Printing a document

• Envelopes and labels


• Drawing a table

• Performing calculations in tables

• Creating charts

• Importing worksheets and data

Introduction to styles

• Applying styles

• Creating styles

• Redefining and deleting styles

• Using styles to create an outline

Introduction to templates

• Using templates

• Using a fax template

• Examining the Normal template

Introduction to merging

• Creating data

• Completing main documents

• Merging data with the main document

• Managing merges

• Creating catalogues

Newspaper columns

• Formatting text into newspaper columns

• Using graphics

• Sections

• Sorting

Internet basics

• What is the Internet?

• Understanding the World Wide Web

• Word Internet features

Advanced styles

• Using the AutoFormat feature

• Linking styles

• Managing styles

Creating templates and forms

• Examining templates

• Creating and enhancing a template

• Creating a form

Using graphic effects

• Drawing in a document

• Working with clip art and graphic effects

• Using WordArt

Working with large documents

• Creating a master document

• Generating an index

• Preparing to print

Document layout

• Using sections to control layout

• Formatting a document for binding

• Creating footnotes and endnotes

• Using bookmarks

• Creating cross-references

Sharing documents

• Routing a document

• Using highlights and comments

• Creating, comparing, and merging multiple versions of documents.

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