Microsoft Project Manager


Course Description

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Project to help you manage projects, keep track of deadlines, resources, task distribution, constraints and contingencies. In this course, you'll learn how to set up a project and find out how the software can help you get things done in the most efficient manner.


  • Windows or Macintosh experience
  • Background knowledge of project management


  • Why use Project Management Software?
  • What is Microsoft Project?

Overview of Microsoft Project

  • Menus
  • Toolbars
  • Getting Help within Microsoft Project
  • Context Sensitive Help and Help Index
  • Wizards


  • Developing the WBS and Outlining
  • Creating Tasks and Milestones
  • Defining Durations
  • Making Dependencies
  • Entering Constraint Dates for Tasks
  • Managing Schedule Conflicts
  • Changing the Work Time (Calendars)

Setting up and Planning Your First Project  Working with the Schedule

  • Using and defining Filters
  • Changing Views
  • Using the Network Diagram
  • Working with Tables
  • Using the Global File and the Organizer to set standards and exchange Views
  • Customizing Microsoft Project

Working with your schedule Resources

  • Defining Resources
  • Assigning Resources
  • Identifying Resource Conflicts using the many Resource Views
  • Managing Resource Conflicts

Assigning and Managing Resources Tracking Projects

  • Setting the Baseline
  • Setting the Status Date
  • Updating the Project
  • Rescheduling the Project
  • Comparing the Baseline Plan vs. the Current Plan


  • Printing Views
  • Printing Reports

Multi-Project Planning

  • Consolidating Project Schedules
  • Integrating Multiple Projects (creating cross-project dependencies)
  • Managing Resources across Multiple Projects (creating and using Resource Pools)

Updating, Reporting and Working with Multiple Projects.

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