Course Description:

SAT-I is one of the university entrance exams. SAT-I tests your academic skills in Math and in English.

Course Outline:


· Get Acquainted with the SAT

· Let’s Look at the SAT

· What Is the SAT?

· The Critical Reading Sections

· The Mathematics Sections

· The Use of Calculators on the SAT

· The Writing Skills Sections

· Winning Tactics for the SAT

· Setting Goals

· Pacing Yourself

· Guessing

· Tactics for the Test


· Pinpoint Your Trouble Spots with a diagnostic test.


· Tactics, Strategies, Practice: Critical Reading

o The Sentence Completion Question

o The Critical Reading Question

· Build Your Vocabulary

o The SAT High-Frequency Word List

o The SAT Hot Prospects Word List

o The 3,500 Basic Word List

o Basic Word Parts

· Tactics, Strategies, Practice: Writing Skills

o Grammar, Plain and Fanciful

o Common Problems in Grammar and Usage

o The Writing Skills Questions

o Writing a 25-Minute Essay

· Tactics, Strategies, Practice: Mathematics

· Introduction to the Math Sections

o Math Strategies and Tactics

o Reviewing Mathematics

o Basic Arithmetic Concepts

o Fractions and Decimals

o Percents

o Ratios and Proportions

o Averages

o Polynomials

o Solving Equations and Inequalities

o Word Problems

o Lines and Angles

o Triangles

o Quadrilaterals and Other Polygons

o Circles

o Solid Geometry

o Coordinate Geometry

o Counting and Probability

o Logical Reasoning

o Interpretation of Data

· Functions and Their Graphs

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