Course Description:

The English Entrance Exam (EEE) is a standard proficiency test used to assess the English language proficiency of students whose native language is not English. The EEE is required for admission to the American University of Beirut and other institutions of higher education in Lebanon which use English as the medium of instruction.

If you are planning to take the EEE, this course is indispensable to you.

Course Outline:

· The English Entrance Exam

o Introduction

o The EEE format

· Review Section

· The Essentials of English Grammar

o The sentence

o Kinds of sentences

o Subject and verb

o Complements

o Parts of speech

o Verbs: kinds, forms, and properties

o Verbals

o Nouns

o Pronouns

o Adjectives

o Adverbs

o Prepositions

o Phrases: kinds and functions

o Conjunction

o Kinds of clauses

o Subjunctive mode

o If clauses

· Usage

o Agreement: subject and verb, pronoun and antecedent

o Correct form and use of verbs

o Choosing the right case for pronouns

o Making pronouns clear

o Using the right modifiers

o Using the right connectives

o Sentence completeness

o Placing modifiers clearly

o Organizing sentences logically: parallel structure

· Mechanics

o Capitalization

o Punctuation

· Vocabulary

o Etymology: a way to recognize words by their roots

o Two and Three-word verbs

o Idioms

o Body language

o Commonly misused words

o Confusingly related words

· Listening comprehension

o Words that sound alike

· Spelling

o Spelling rules

· Reading comprehension

o Reading comprehension question types

· Practice tests.

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