MS Windows





Introducing windows 7:

A first look at the windows desktop
Working with user accounts
 Users, passwords & permissions
 Exploring logo­ & power options

Customizing the windows desktop:


 Using icons & shortcuts
Adding gadgets
Customizing backgrounds & window appearance
Customizing sounds, screensavers & icons
Changing screen resolution

Accessing the start menu:

Using start menu options

Customizing the start menu
Finding programs, files & settings

Exploring the revised task bar:

 Customizing the notification area

 Exploring buttons on the taskbar
 Taking advantage of jump lists
 Setting taskbar properties

Optimizing the windows user experience:

 Moving & sizing windows
 Window navigation using breadcrumbs
 Window navigation & customization
 Accessing & configuring libraries
 Organizing, rating & tagging files
 Indexing & search options
 Searching for files
 Sharing files & folders

Examining hardware & software:


Viewing devices & printers
The device manager, drivers & power management

 Setting default actions & programs
 Installing & uninstalling software
 Alternate hardware & software tools: touch
 Speech recognition
 Live essentials & services

Enjoying media:

 Playing audio & video using the media player
 Ripping CDs & creating playlists
 Experiencing the next level with the windows media center
 Tapping into the windows 7 gaming experience

Connecting to a network:

 Networking overview
 Getting started with windows 7 networking
 Working with the network adaptor
 Viewing the network map & changing the workgroup
 Mapping a network drive

Maintaining your system:

 Optimizing performance
 Using troubleshooters & the action center
 Using the problem steps recorder
 Keeping current with windows update

Securing your system & data:

 Working with system restore & shadow copies
 Executing backup & restore
 Implementing bitlocker & bitlocker to go


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