Adobe Photoshop for Architecture




§ This module teaches you the essentials of working with Photoshop. Although no experience is required to begin with Module 1, advanced tips, concepts, and workflows are peppered throughout, letting even experienced users gain valuable skills as well.

§ Learn how to use all tools, adjustments, layers, masks, effects, and much more. Follow pro workflows using Photo downloader, the Bridge, and Adobe Camera Raw.

Enhancing Drawings

§ Learn how to transfer CAD drawings into Photoshop while preserving graphic scale. Automate layer-by-layer vector-to-raster conversion with my included AutoLisp program that works with many versions of AutoCAD.

§ Learn numerous tricks for enhancing drawings using patterns, strokes, color overlays, fill layers, inner and drop shadows, clipping groups, adjustment layers and much more.

Compositing and Illustration

§ Composite 3D objects and render elements from 3ds Max as layers in Photoshop. Learn how to create realistic auto-blending color-matched skies, greenery, trees and more.

§ Create artistic illustrations with the smart filter gallery and art history brush, and learn how to do 3D painting using advanced render output from 3ds Max.

Multiple Exposure Magic

§ Learn tricks to manually expand an image's dynamic range, and process true HDR imagery in Extended. Craft interactive panoramas for the web from a series of handheld stills using flash or java technology.

§ Eliminate moving objects from architectural images, study pedestrian flows, and create artistic effects with smart object image stacks.

Playing with Perspective

§ Learn how to access and composite royalty-free 3D content into architectural interiors without leaving Extended.

§ Match the perspective of 3D buildings to site photos.

§ Copy textures in perspective and shift the perspective of photos using vanishing point and 3D layers.

§ Harness the power of lens correction, lens blur, and lens flare to create more compelling imagery.






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