English and Other Foreign Languages For Conversation & Debates


Course Overview

Fluency in spoken English is one of the most important skills to have in English language. Many General & Business English courses look at improving all four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) as well as paying particular attention to grammar and vocabulary skills. While this is no doubt useful, there is no intensive focus on any one area.

This course also focuses on English conversation. Students will have the opportunity to improve their speaking fluency on a range of topics and will be equipped with the vocabulary to do so.

Since the focus is on fluency, students will have the freedom to talk about whatever they feel is related to the topics presented in class without being interrupted by the teacher. At the end of each activity, the instructor will focus on correcting relevant common errors in pronunciation, intonation, grammar and vocabulary, thus maximizing students’ speaking time and pin pointing specific areas that need improvement.

However, this course not only centers on general subjects, but also on particular topics of interest, & relevant materials taken from various sources such as, books, television, newspapers and magazines, and the internet, as well as materials produced by the teacher. With these types of materials being used, students will also get to practice their reading and listening skills.


Daily Life

  • Talking About The Weather
  • An Afternoon In The Kitchen
  • Telephone Conversation
  • An Afternoon In The Park
  • Weekend Plans
  • Winter Break Plans
  • A Visit To The Doctor’s Office
  • Going To The Market
  • I Need Help!
  • Looking For An Apartment
  • Formal Conversation

Professional Life

  • Looking For A Job
  • Job Interview
  • First Day At Work
  • On The Production Floor
  • Changing A Customer’s Order
  • Promotion
  • Meeting People

Academic Life

 Applying To College

 Giving A Speech

 Studying For A Test

 Book Conversation





 New Year’s Eve.



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