Apple Final Cut Pro X


Course objective:

This class is designed to edit professional-quality video with final cut pro with a hands-on manual and interactive instruction to best explore its functionality. It starts with basic video editing techniques and works all the way through final cut pro's 7 new and advanced features.


This Final Cut Pro course is intended for anyone new to Final Cut pro and wants to gain an understanding of the editing tools and functions of the software.



- Knowledge of Mac OS x and basic computer navigation

- Basic knowledge of editing terminology is recommended

Course outline

Editing in final cut pro

Launching final cut pro, final cut pro interface, following a workflow, starting a project, importing clips, navigating clips, marking and editing clips, playing and navigating a sequence, organizing project elements, saving, hiding and quitting final cut pro

Building the rough cut

Working with projects, editing a rough cut, making overwrite edits, managing timeline tracks, making insert edits, editing audio clips, moving clips in the timeline, creating a new version, drag-and-drop editing and changing the volume of edited clips

Finishing the rough cut

Adding cutaways, editing to narration, editing to music, copying, cutting, pasting, and positioning clips, screening and sharing a sequence

Trimming clip duration

Understanding trimming, rippling edit points, rippling in the viewer and by numbers, trimming clips on the v2 track and trimming one track of a linked clip

Refining edit points

Trimming two edit points, slipping one clip, rolling two edit points, sliding clips to refine position, dragging clips to new locations and keeping linked clips in sync

Refining the edit process

Labeling project elements, creating subclips, adding markers to clips, using markers to align actions, using storyboard editing, performing replace edits and editing multicam footage

Customizing final cut pro

Reconnecting media, working with mixed format sequences, working with master clips, logging information in browser columns, finding project items, customizing shortcut keys and button bars, saving and loading layouts and optimizing user preferences

Capturing & transferring footage

Connecting sources for capture, choosing preset format settings, previewing and marking your source, logging clips, choosing clip settings, choosing capture settings, choosing capturing options, setting capture preferences and transferring files from tapeless sources

Applying transitions

Evaluating the project, understanding transitions, viewing transition options, applying transitions, modifying and copying transitions, using the transition editor, changing transition parameters, previewing and rendering effects

Mixing audio tracks

Preparing the project for mixing, organizing and editing audio effects, monitoring and adjusting audio levels, applying transitions to fade volume, setting keyframes to change volume, using the audio mixer, recording a narration track and importing audio files

Creating titles

Working with video generators, adding a lower third, applying a boris title, adding mattes, effects and still images, creating a credit roll and using master templates

Changing motion properties

Entering speed changes, using the speed tool, creating a freeze frame, changing motion parameters, and animating motion parameters

Applying filters

Applying and viewing video filters, viewing and modifying filter parameters, applying audio filters, using a color correction filter and animating filters

Finishing and outputting

Detecting audio peaks, adjusting video levels for broadcast, sharing clips and sequences, exporting a quicktime movie, using other export options, exporting a still frame, outputting to tape, making a timecode window burn and backing up projects


*Lesson review and certification exam

Students take an end user exam to earn apple certified pro, final cut pro level one status

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