English and Other Foreign Languages For Academic Writing




This course is designed for people who wish to improve their ability to write effectively in Academic English. The course focuses on two skills:  writing and grammar usage needed to succeed both in work and in the academic settings. Vocabulary is also an important focus of the course. Awareness of the international standard of Academic English writing skills will be put into practice at all times throughout the course.


The primary objective of this course is that participants will be able to correspond effectively and practically in the International academic world. This course also involves reading, listening as well as speaking.

Examples of topics under discussion:

- Paragraph form and Model paragraph.
- Writing process and practice.
- Sentences; Subjects and verbs, punctuation and capitalization.
- Simple sentences, connecting words, sentence combining and practice.
- Brain-storming, Time-Order paragraphs, Outlining, Time-Order Transition Signals and Practice Compound Sentences, Compound sentences vs. Simple sentences with compound verbs, Coordinating conjunctions,  comma splices and practice.
- Five rules of capitalization and three rules of commas.


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